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I have moved to DevX..

Hi All,

I will be doing a permanent column at DevX called Developer Issues, and will discontinue the blog here. You can find me at:




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Great Indian Developer Summit

Great Indian Developer Summit

I am back this year at the Great Indian Developer Summit, speaking on TFS Governance and DevOps

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Begining ASP.NET 4.5 Databases

Begining ASP.NET 4.5 Databases

The book is finally out. This one for beginners looking to start a career in the world of .NET!

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My next book on ASP.NET 4.5 is near ready. Watch out to begin writing data-driven web sites using ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4, and Entity Framework 5. I will also present some of the best practices and a few cool techniques to become a productive developer using Visual Studio 2012.


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My book on Windows Identity Foundation is now published

My book Windows Identity Foundation Cookbook, PackPub, Apr 2012, is now published. Covers topics including Windows Identity Foundation, Active Directory Federation Services and Azure Access Control Services.


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Trails of that illusive WebAPI – If you are wondering why WebAPI doesn’t show any longer in nuget, then read further

Well it does show up in the nuget website, but apparently the nuget package manager doesn’t think so. Little annoyed, I begin my journey from where it all started- The WCF REST starter kit. The official codeplex site suggests that it is no longer supported and the only way for me to build RESTful services is ASP.NET WebAPI. Cool, but then it redirects me to download ASP.NET MVC 4. Ok, I get it. ASP.NET WebAPI is now part of ASP.NET MVC 4 and I have to get ASP.NET MVC4 first to use WebAPI. Wait, but isn’t ASP.NET MVC 4 in Beta? The site it redirects to doesn’t say so (nice!) and it fools you into believing that you are downloading a real stable product. A little fact finding there, and you immediately know from the official ASP.NET site that ASP.NET MVC4 is indeed still in beta. Now I am in a fix. Is only ASP.NET MVC4 beta? Is ASP.NET WebAPI also beta? BTW, just a while back it was WCF WebAPI, and still is for MVC 3, but not any longer for MVC 4, but where can I get the one I want to use with MVC 3 which is stable? The WCF WebAPI has version 5 available in codeplex archive, but is it ok to use that version? Back to the same question. Where can I get that version in nuget? All I really want is to use the features of WebAPI and I don’t know now if I will be using a beta product for an enterprise scale implementation.                   

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Model Binding Attribute Change from Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview to Visual Studio 11 Beta

If you are using the Model Binding features in ASP.NET 4.5, there is a change. The ModelType attribute from the Developer Preview has been renamed to ItemType in Beta. Just in case if you are wondering why intellisense with Model Binding is not wor king in Beta. This time around, it is not a very well documented change from Microsoft!

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I am speaking at the developer summit

I am speaking at the Great Indian Developer Summit @ IISc Bangalore on 17th of April. Will be covering a couple of topics on Visual Studio 11 and TFS 11.


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Claims are first class citizen in Windows 8

In my forthcoming book http://www.packtpub.com/microsoft-windows-identity-foundation-cookbook/book, I have a recipe showcasing the claims-support in Windows 8. Windows Server 8 will feature Dynamic Access Control based on the claims that are part of the Kerberos token. What that means? Well, you could very well define a claims-based central access rule from your AD DS (Active Directory Domain Service) console and use it to restrict access on a file share.

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Enhancements in Debugger Canvas 1.1

A slew of new features in Debugger Canvas 1.1 (Source InfoQ.com)

  • Debugger Canvas can be switched on or off during a debugging session, in order to toggle to and from the standard Visual Studio debugger
  • Developers are now able to move up and down the call stack while in the canvas, using the mouse or keyboard
  • Multiple threads can be viewed at one time, with each identified by a different color
  • Recursive calls only display one bubble
  • Users can make edits to the code in a bubble (this was available in the original version as well, but is now enabled by default)
  • IntelliTrace logs are viewable directly on the canvas (under development; can be enabled under Options)

More details here:


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